We have had DropJaw Cuties for as long as DropJaw has been around. We started off from the beginning taking pics of the real girls of the show scene and have kept it that way ever since. Our thought is, why go outside the show scene and use models and ladies that dont have anything to do with our world, when there are plenty of phine women right here that love taking pics and being in the spotlight. What we look for when making a DropJaw Cutie is
ladies that are involved in the scene, whether they have their own rides or not. The ladies are not eligible to be a DropJaw Cutie until we have shot pictures of them at atleast 2 different shows. This to ensure that we will not see the girl one time and never get shots of her again. We hope that you enjoy the DropJaw Cuties that are spotlighted here and if you are interested in being our next one......get up with us at the shows. You can also email Glenn at TheJawDropper@aol.com with any additional question or info.
The DropJaw Cuties will get rotated according to who has done the latest update